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Inge Sluijs is a Dutch researcher and creator who believes in the combinations of crafts, materials, technology and social questions. 

She shows the importance of collaboration between scientists and designers with her MA graduation project Plasma Rock in which she asks herself where is the dividing line between waste and an asset? For me, as a designer, this dividing line isn’t based only on the functionality but also about the story and meaning behind a material.

Materials can be used as tools that communicate stories. She sees it as her task as a designer to create a story around materials by discovering materials on different levels. She believes in the value of the critical and speculative concepts, not only with an outcome but with the complete creative process. Inge has been working on a wide range of topics: climate change, refugees, genetic modification, and biology.

Her collaborators have included a (biological) scientist, craftsmen, the manufactural industry and an ethicist.

Besides that, she is Curator and Project Manager of United Matters, a collective from London who questions how we might live in the future by blurring the boundaries between, craft, science, and technology.




Graduated MA Design 2017

Central Saint Martins UAL London 2015 - 2017

Course: MA Material Futures


Graduated BA Design 2015

HKU/University of the Arts Utrecht (2011-2015)

Course; Product design


Exchange:      Moholy-Nagy University of Art and                                              

                        Design Budapest (2013)

                        Program: Textile design












Dutch Design Blog



The Crossing 'Work inprogres show'



British Council 'High Lights Milan'


Core  'Milan design week 2017'


Core 'Milan Design Week



Architecten web 'nieuwe materialen en kunstzinnige toepassingen'

















high lights


Elsevier (NL)

Elle decoration (NL)

Elle (It) 

Interni Magazine

ViewPoint magazine 

Issue #40 - The City Futures Issue

Textile View magezine

Issue #199 


Green Matters (USA) radio station 

Interview about the Plasma Rock


Online (high lights)




Dutch Design Week 2018

Veem building

1) New Material Award

2) Marble Off-cut


3) Embassy of circularity



Dutch Design Week 2017

21 t/m 29 October

Veem building

Collective United Matters

Mood brussels 2017

Plasma Rock tile samples

curated by Colourhive and Material lab

Ready made  go 2017

plasma rock project

London Design Festival

Ace hotel London

curated by modern design review

Bloop festival 2017

Plasma Rock project

curated by designers block.


Show 2 2017

Graduation Show CSM

Plasma Rock project

MA Material Futures


Milan design week 2017

 MA Material Futures

 (nominated for Milano Design Award)


Overview exhibition Inge Sluijs

Peels collection

ZonMW te Den Haag The Netherlands 2016


FOOD 100% heuvelrug

Peels collection

Utrecht The Netherlands 2016


Exhibited London Design Festival 2015

Peels collection

Designers block with ArtsThread

Graduation Show HKU 2015



Nominated for the New Material Award



Young Talent Award 2015

Prins Bernhard Cultuur fonds


Scholarship for excellent graduates

who want to do a research abroad


Vice Changeler Award 2015








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