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Re-design of Marbel Waste
in partnership with Gelante Natuursteen.

This collection is based on the precious material marble.

Marble is a natural rock that is composed of recrystallized minerals. The Marble Off-cut collection started as a material experiment and a play between colours, materials and textures.

The Eindhoven based Marble company ‘Galante Natuursteen’ has 15000 kg of marble waste every month. The waste contains the off-cuts of marble tables and kitchen tops or discarded broken pieces.


Before, the off-cuts get crushed into gravel and loses its unique and aesthetical value.

While a lot of energy and resources where required to extract this material with unique patterns and colours from the Italian mountains.

I have been analysing production processes and have been looking for non-traditional material finishes. This resulted in material, colour experiments and patterns which evolved into products.

I have designed different products and colour categories that can be made from the off-cuts without adding a lot of energy and production hours. But the ‘available’ waste determined the final look of each individual product.

With this project I hope to show the value and possibilities of these ‘waste’ materials. In a time where materials are getting more and more rare it's important to re-use and re-design. This way of thinking can be applied across many industries.

Pictures are made by talented Noor Rezelman photography.


For collaborations or interest in the products please contact me..

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