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People make fabrics to protect themselves against their environment. The human skin also protects, just like the skin of fruit (peel), against the ecological factors like wind, cold, sun and snow. Therefore it seems interesting to translate the skin of fruit to textiles.

Each peel has its specific characteristics and properties due to the environment and conditions in which the fruit grows. I am going to examine the peels of apple, banana, kiwi and melon: average fruits which we can buy whenever we want in every supermarket.


I examined peels of fruit through a microscope and searched, with the help of literature, for the protective functions of the peels. The results of my investigations are the guidelines for the final design. 


Collaboration with Textile Lab Tilburg The Netherlands.

During ripening, the colour of a  banana peel changes from green to yellow. When the peel is damaged, it becomes brown. We see the brown colour as something negative, or even filthy, but in fact it is the last attempt to protect itself against molds.


I want to translate the information, gained by examining the peel of a banana, to my textiles. Where most people see wear as something negative, I rather see it as something beautiful. Wear gives information about a product, and reminds you of the fact that it actually ‘lived’. That is a main reason I want to design textile that consists of several layers. By using the products they will wear, and create a colour pattern. Everyone will use the material in a different way, and therefore everyone creates a unique piece whit its own story.



 The  mote aubergine (cork dust  is water repellent) is in the melon peel and cork.

That’s why I chose cork for the material.


A galia melon has a line-stuctured skin as a result from stretching while growing. This lines change over time, similar to the wrinkles people get when they grow older.


The material of the melon is undamaged and smooth. By using the material it will stretch and crack, what makes the materials seem ‘alive’.

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