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Blue - rayed Limpet

Diegetic prototype

Blue -rayed limpet trademark of North Norway 03-2050.


The unique shell with two optical structures that reflect blue light while absorbing all other incoming light flash. The shell produce polarized displays that functioned as a defensive mechanism against predators. Scientists are only interested in the shell that live around the European coastal areas with the perfect living requirements based on the sea water level, oxygen depletion, temperature, clear water and salinity.  The seawater quality will deteriorate in the coming years.  The blue – rayed limpet will survive in the water of North Norway . The proud and independent Norway will become in danger because of the losing income from the oil industry that fund the Norwegian economy. This makes it almost impossible to finance the North Norwegian islands and thus maintain. This will allow the Norwegians to leave to the north to go to the warm south with more cities, tourism  and work.

The Blue - rayed limpet caused the rebirth of North Norway, which we are celebrating today. 

The unique shell material has become their trademark that draws normally a lot of tourists, but this week it is also bringing a lot of extra income for the North - Norwegian economy. 

You can see Everywhere the Blue –rayed limpet inspired flags and people who are wearing the blue-rayed limpet broaches with pride which symbolize rebirth, protection of nature and knowledge.   

Nobody can buy the shell because it is rare and protected, but it is possible to contribute by sponsoring a new growth ring of the monument in a celebratory way.  Today, the new ring of the monument will be born in a celebratory way. The ring is each year designed by a selected Norwegian designer.

Education for Climate Refugee Children

SOLEARN is a charity organization established in 2035 in response to Climate Refugee relief.  Massive human migration has been occurring due to extreme climate change. Our organization believes in the importance of accessible education, even in times of disruption and trauma. Our mission is to bring virtual education to climate refugee children, made possible through our partnership with Google and IKEA, in order to nurture a brighter future generation.


SOLEARN provides Climate Refugee Camps with Learning Zone Tents equipped with our unique solar technology. The solar tents come fully equipped with our award-winning Solar Pulley System. The tent roof provides clean energy heating/cooling system and also partially powers our Solar Pulley System. 

The Solar Pulley System comprises of our Solar School Bag and virtual headset. The Solar School Bag is a multi-function energy source and storage provider. The virtual headset is a unique blend of smart technology design made from durable environmentally responsible materials. 


with Christine Lew

SOLEARN’s Solar School Bag is a

multi-function energy source and storage provider. It’s transformable and mobile properties allow for everyday use and doubles as the main energy source to power the virtual headset and  light source for the Learning Zone Tents. The Solar School Bag is lined with solar-powered LED lights. The transformable quality of the bag allows it to also become a portable light system. The two side panels can be opened which allows for the inside reflective material to help maximize light dispersion 


As a major authority in VR technology, Chris Milk stated, “Virtual Reality has the potential to actually change the world. It’s a machine but through this machine we become more compassionate more empathetic and connect.” 

Similarly, SOLEARN utilizes VR technology to not only make education accessible but to also allow children to experience the same curriculum but in an individualized manner. Customized education allows for deeper understanding and self-reflection to ultimately fuel conversations and interactions. This new immersive education also provides children with a sense of individual space, which is precious in the midst of little privacy and constant change. 




A happy couple sitting in the evening at their kitchen table, after they have been to the doctor to talk about their children's wishes. They have got an information leaflet, but also the EVOLUTION Game (natural selection / human selection). They're going to play the game tonight. They start to read the game rules consisting of a list of 2,000 diseases with a gene mistake. They become confused and frustrated, but they do start to the game. They take each other’s DNA with the DNA- watt swab and put each swab in the gene reader. De gene reader is connected with their chromosome box. They get excited about this special event. Once they open the chromosome boxes disappears the excitement for surprise and disappointment. They are both carriers of the same genetic gene disease. It doesn’t matter how many questions they answer of the quiz the chromosomes and genes doesn’t change. The only way to change the genes of their future child is by cheating. This gives them the chance to test the DNA of someone else (someone from the audience). This DNA without the genetic disease gene can be exchanged with those of the embryo. The game is over, and they are happy with the victory and their "BABY" trophy.

“1 February 2016 the first researcher is aloud to genetically modify human embryos, but they are not aloud to implant embryos or study them for more than two weeks”.


Every cell in a human body has the same DNA consisting of 23 chromosomes, these

Chromosomes contain together + - 30,000 genes. All of these inherited genes together determine the functioning of the cells from which you human being is constructed.  Of some genes, you are only a carrier but you can pass them to your offspring.


At the moment there is worldwide discussion going on or whether and when and for what diseases it is ethically to place modified human embryos, because it can have many positive and negative side effects.


The ethical complexity of the new technique CASPER CRISPR whereby the DNA of embryos can be changed fascinates me. The discussion in the media is going about the future designer baby, while the real debate is much more nuanced. This has become especially clear to me from my conversations with the experts “Dr. Annelien Bredenoord, Associate Professor of Medical Ethics, and Marc van Mil, PhD Assistant professor Educational Innovations and DNA researcher”.

If it is considered ethical, the science is able to prevent diseases related to one gene mistake. This is a list of 2000 genetic diseases, including Breast cancer, Sickle-cell disease and Tay–Sachs disease.  Other human aspects such as the colour of the eyes and, are not determined by one gene but by multiple genes. Even if we know the specific genes then you can’t certainty know with 100% the colour of the eyes! Additionally a human become defined by his genes but also by surrounding factors and behaviour.

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